It’s a Super Sunday today. Yes, the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl again. But every Lord’s Day is a “Super Sunday.” It’s a respite from the world! It’s a joining of our hearts together in Christian love! It’s a day to gather together and worship our Lord and King, Jesus Christ! Thanks for being here!

From Pastor Nathan

Compassion International Sunday is next week, and we are very excited!  We have a special opportunity to sponsor 52 children in Mexico! In addition, every single one of those children lives in the state of Oaxaca, which is where our Vision 3:16 mission trips are focused!!! How cool is that?!?!

We are already making plans with Vision 3:16 & Compassion International for an eyeglass clinic/mission trip in which we hope we can visit all these children that we sponsor. Though nothing is finalized, this trip could take place as early as 2025!!! I believe these trips to visit the children will make our monthly sponsorships more valuable, our letter-writing campaigns more fruitful, and our prayers over the children more diligent.

A special thank you to Paul Flewwellin for helping to organize this effort. Paul will have more information and instructions for you next week. Thank you, Paul!