I hope you had a great Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! And I’m grateful and glad that you are here this morning!

We are going to stay on the subject of Christmas this morning. I want to pose this question: For Whom Is Christmas “Good News?” We’ll look at prophecies, and promises, and answer that question as we open God’s Word. What a wonderful Savior we worship!

Most of you know that last Wednesday’s storm took out the power at Tonganoxie Elementary School. They had a significant amount of milk and produce that was going to go bad. Therefore, they offered it to us. And we made good use of it! Dan Williams took 850 cartons of milk, and produce to City Union Mission. Kirk Baggett took 500 cartons of milk, and produce to Good Shepherd. They gave the library 150 cartons, and Life Day Care 400 cartons.

Lord bless the folks at TES, and Dan and Kirk, and anyone else I might have left out! I’m grateful for a church that wants to bless the community in the name of Jesus.

Please put Feb. 26 from 1 to 4 p.m. on your calendar. This is our next opportunity to make Jesus non-ignorable. The Tonganoxie Parent Teacher Council has asked us to help them operate their annual PTC carnival that day. They use our carnival games, and they need our manpower. We will probably need 30 people. Students and kids are welcome! We’ll have a link to sign up for shifts in a few weeks. Wear any West Haven garb that you might have.

We are moving in the right direction as a church. Much of what we are doing by serving our community is building a bridge. To reach people, we have to show them that we care. A church should make the community around it visibly better – and that’s what you are doing!