We are going to have a great December at West Haven. This past Sunday, we started a four-part series entitled “At Christmas.” There are realities – both good and bad – that we deal with this time of the year. We started with a sermon entitled “Suffering at Christmas.” If you missed it Sunday, you can find all of our sermons here.

Today we introduce a subject often not connected with Christmas and that is revival. What better time to think of a revival than Christmas? We need revival to walk in the fervency and joy of that which Jesus came to purchase for us. And while genuine revival is a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, you can experience your own revival this Christmas season. Romans 2 will show us how.

We are making plans for 2021, and we are excited about what is coming. I will preach in mid-January where we believe God is taking us in what will become a post-COVID world.

When will it be a post-COVID world? Not soon enough. But it will become a post -COVID world.

2020 has seen a massive cultural shift. It’s been a year of significant change. COVID accelerated that change. Our message never changes but our methodologies do change. We are optimistic about the future and hope you are encouraged as well.