I’m glad to be with you after a week off. I’m grateful for Mark Clifton filling our pulpit last week. He does great work for the North American Mission Board. He also leads Linwood Baptist Church. They are doing there what we are trying to do here: making Jesus non-ignorable in their community. That’s what I want to preach about today. So before we scatter to celebrate Christmas with family, I want to preach a sermon this morning entitled, “Ministry in a Post-Covid World: Making Jesus Non-Ignorable.”

I am excited and optimistic. I believe 2022 will be a blessed year. Consider all that God has done in and through us in the last six months to make Jesus non-ignorable through us. For example, our donut distribution has suddenly become a significant way we make Jesus non-ignorable. The USD 464 Foundation reached out to us last week. They are having a teacher appreciation event Tuesday morning, bringing in Starbuck, etc. They asked if we would make donuts for the event. (And I am very grateful to the ladies who have to get up VERY early Tuesday morning to make it happen!) So it’s exciting to know that our community recognizes there is a church that wants to bless them. We are going to continue to do exactly that. And in so doing, we’ll make Jesus non-ignorable.

Some might contend that this isn’t the proclamation of God’s Word. It’s not. But it is a demonstration of God’s Word. And that can lead to doors opening for gospel conversations. And for people to come to Jesus. Will it work? I don’t know. Here’s what I do know: Jesus is worth it! And I am so grateful for you and your faithfulness to Jesus as we follow Him.

After this Sunday we’ll pivot to focusing on Christmas. Nathan will preach next week and I’ll preach Dec. 26, both on a Christmas theme. We’ll resume “Divine Providence” sometime in January.

Please join us for our prayer meeting tonight in the Train Station at 5 p.m. I hope to see you!