It’s great to see you today as we gather as one body to worship and exalt the living Lord Jesus! If you are a guest, I am delighted you are here. I’d love to meet you after the service.

In today’s bulletin you’ll see an order form for “West Haven Loves Tonganoxie” T-Shirts. We would like EVERYONE to have this T-shirt for the Community Carnival during Tongie Days in September (and for other days we are involved in public outreach). Not only that, we’d like you to have one to wear around town. If you find that the cost is prohibitive to your family, let me know. We’ll find a way to get you one. Please order today. The Community Carnival date is just around the corner.

I want to let you know my schedule for the next few weeks. Tara’s Dad died this week so we’ll be going to Austin, TX for a remembrance time. As of now, we don’t know when. On Aug. 21, I’ll be preaching at Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, where my son serves as Student Pastor. They asked me to preach as the celebrate the 30th anniversary of their pastor, Monte Shinkle. Thanks for lending me to them for the day. I’ll also be gone on Labor Day weekend as I’m taking that week off.

I’ll start teaching a Bible Fellowship class on the Sunday after Labor Day. The class is entitled “Difficult Verses and Topics.” I have four books I will use. However, I would prefer to “scratch an itch.” If you have verses or a topic you’d like to discuss, we’ll tackle those. If you are not going to an Adult Bible Fellowship Class, this is your entry point!

We are working to increase the safety of our children. Soon we expand our check-in procedures to include 1st-3rd graders. We’ll give you more details closer to the date.