God has given us another great day at West Haven! We’ll observe a baptism, and there are more in the pipeline.

Why do we baptize? It is the first act of obedience in the Christian life. It is an identification with Jesus in His death and resurrection. As you go under the water, it pictures that your old life before Christ is gone. When you come up out of the water, it pictures that you are raised to walk in the newness of life. But baptism is also a church ordinance! It’s a church’s affirmation of a person’s faith in Jesus. We, as a church, want a person to understand and be able to articulate the gospel. This is how the gospel can be accurately passed on from one generation to another. God vested the ordinances in the local church so that the truth would be preserved, century after century. So, it’s always a privilege and a joy to baptize!

We also pray today for the people going on the Vision 3:16 Mexico Mission Trip. They leave Tuesday for a little village named LaRaya in Ojitlan, Oaxaca in Mexico. They will work with Pastor Edgardo Balazar through his church Esparanza De Vida. Pastor Balazar’s goal is to use this eye clinic to help start a church in the village of LaRaya.

They are giving eyeglasses to people who have none. Then they present the gospel so there is no element of coercion, nor a belief they will receive something if they give a favorable answer. Basic medical needs will also be addressed.

We want to pray for them every day of the trip. Our prayer is that great fruit be born for the kingdom, that needs are met, and Jesus is glorified. Thanks to those of you who have given to the Vision 3:16 Fund to offset the cost of those going.

Today is the last Sunday for Jon and Kristen Hain, and little Darcie and Boaz. They are moving to Lincoln, Nebraska where Jon is enrolling in law school. Jon has taught Sunday School for years. Kristen grew up here. They’ve been an important part of us. We wish them well, trusting that God has exciting things ahead for them.

I’ve enjoyed serving on the Kansas City Kansas Associational Board this year. There are many good things happening in churches in the area. I’m on the State Convention Nominating Committee. My job is to nominate men and women from the KCKBA to serve on various boards at the state level. I’m glad to say there are many qualified candidates!