Welcome to West Haven on another blessed day. We have baptisms for the third Sunday in a row. We also have several people enrolled in our Growth Track which begins Sept. 11. If you’ve been visiting and want to be part of what God is doing at West Haven, please sign up today!

Our Wednesday ministries got off to the best start in several years! The building was buzzing with excitement. I am grateful for all the leaders and workers in the various ministries. What a joy it is to labor for the harvest!

The Community Carnival is Sept. 17!!! Nathan and I are SO GRATEFUL for everyone involved in the planning and execution of that ministry! Thank you for honoring Jesus in that way! You can volunteer on the bulletin board in the foyer to operate one of the games. I am praying that every West Haven member be present. Wear your green “West Haven Loves Tonganoxie” shirts!

We know of two people who joined because of the carnival last year. And we know of two people who joined because of the Mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting a few years ago. Having said that, our community involvement is not necessarily intended to bring the world into the church. It is to get the church out into the world! As we do that, we show the love of Jesus by ministering with an open hand. And all of this is made possible by your faithful giving.

This morning we will open again to Jonah 1. The sermon is entitled “When God Commands You To Do A Hard Thing.” I want us to do a lot of application in this sermon. From time to time we need exhortation from the Word of God. I am so grateful for a church that loves God’s Word and believes it for what it is, the Word of God.