I’m glad you are here today! This morning we start with a baptism. Then we begin a series on Jonah entitled “Salvation Comes From The Lord.” Jonah shows us God’s great grace. It demonstrates His heart for the nations. It is also a book that challenges our complacency. Therefore, it will bring us closer to Jesus!

This morning we will also pray for anyone involved in education, including students. And since school started, this means our fall ministries begin Wednesday. AWANA is at 6:15, Adult Bible Study at 6:20, and Student Ministry at 6:30. I hope you will be part of these! Talk to parents of children and students about being part of these ministries! God will get the glory!

Some West Haven members have assembled “Welcome Bags” for every employee at Tonganoxie Elementary School and Genesis Christian Academy. Nathan, Kirk, and I will deliver those tomorrow morning. I’ve been told they are very much appreciated. This is another way we bless our community. Nathan and I will have lunch with the high school principal tomorrow. We hope that opens other ways for us to bless.

Our Missions Team is at work. There will be a mission trip to Mexico (probably central Mexico) with Vision 3:16 in 2023. Vision 3:16 is led by a man many of you know, an old friend of mine named Larry Merry. He goes through rural Mexico conducting eyeglass clinics. Many of the people he ministers to have never heard of Jesus. I am praying that many of you will go, including students. We should have more information in the next few weeks.

I also want to put the Community Carnival on your radar. It’s part of Tongie Days on Sept. 17. This takes a tremendous amount of planning and work. I hope that every one of you will be there! You can help us troubleshoot, mix with the crowd, etc. Wear your green “West Haven Loves Tonganoxie” shirt that day, weather permitting. I am SO grateful for the hard work that you put into this each year. The day will come when we will see eternal fruit.

I am also grateful for your generous giving. I know it’s a trying time with runaway inflation and a recession settling in. Giving 10% reminds me of when a couple is first married and are fearful they cannot afford a child. You never afford it! But when you obey God, it’s amazing how the “oil” multiplies (1 Kings 17.)

Faithful givers keep churches going, spread the gospel, and lay up treasure in heaven. God knows if you have little. Remember that little is much in His eyes. So I want to encourage each of you to give regularly, generously, and gladly. God will use it to His glory. Thanks for loving Jesus!