Today the Lord is greatly honored! We start with a baptism. Then you’ll see a video about Operation Christmas Child, to get us started in that work. Then Gordon Brest will talk about AWANA. We will sing to the Lord, and preach about the Lord, and pray to Him. I’m glad you’re here for what promises to be another blessed day at West Haven!

The Vision 3:16 Team is back. What a week it was, beyond my hopes and expectations! God answered our prayers in abundance, and then some! 860 people were served with glasses! I do not have the final numbers from the medical team, but I believe they served over 200. Many were suffering with pain from working in the fields. And there was quite a bit of diabetes.

Best of all, 465 people indicated their intent to follow Jesus! Larry Merry of Vision 3:16 told me that is a much higher percentage than he usually sees. They also went to church there on Sunday, and Nathan preached through a translator. I’ve heard he did a great job.

The only downside is that most of the team got a bit of food poisoning. It’s my understanding that everyone is “ok” now. Some of them went through a rough few days.

Be sure to mark the evening of Sept. 10 on the calendar. That evening we will have a service to hear about the trip from the team!

Also, your generosity is amazing! We started a “Vision 3:16 Fund” to offset the personal cost of each person who went. Those checks are $607 a person! God is making Himself known and blessing others through your obedience!

This week is the launch of our Wednesday night ministries. If you are new to West Haven, we have AWANA starting at 6:15. I teach Adult Bible Study in the worship center at 6:20 (an odd time but it’s because AWANA uses that space at about 7:20) and Student Ministry in the Train Station at the south side of the building at 6:30. I hope you’ll join us Wednesday!