I’m glad you are here today as we end the series “The Invitation.” Today we look at the life of Noah to see how to live on a higher plane. This will be an important sermon for many in your spiritual development. I pray that God will have His hand on you as we gather to worship.

Our Mission Trip to Mexico with Vision 3:16 starts June 1! Sixteen members are going. Would you pray in earnest for them, beginning today? Like last year, they will be conducting eyeglass clinics and medical clinics. If you would like to help offset the team members’ costs you can:

Our database provider Planning Center implemented additional safeguards to protect personal information. Email addresses and phone numbers are no longer visible in the directory to prevent exploitation by scammers. Instead, a “Contact Me” button allows secure communication. This was a wise move by Planning Center, and I’m thankful for it.

We will have the Joshua Project back this summer, for a shorter period of time. We will have more details for you soon. The dates are July 10, 17, 24, and 31.