Welcome to West Haven on this glorious Easter Sunday!  If this is your first time here or you seldom attend, I am especially glad you are here. I am grateful for all of you. And we are blessed to celebrate our Lord Jesus, who rose form the grave and give us eternal life!

Who is Jesus? He is the eternal God. He relinquished His rights as deity. He came to earth as a baby, fully man and fully God. He preached repentance and faith. He performed miracles. He lived without sin. He embodied the Christian life. In the fullness of time, He voluntarily surrendered His life. He was mocked, scorned, beaten, and flogged. Then He was crucified. He paid the full penalty for your sin and mine on the cross. When He died, His body was placed in a borrowed tomb. It was sealed. It was guarded. However, on Easter morning He arose from that tomb! He appeared to many witnesses. He ascended to heaven. Today He reigns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He lives today and because He lives, we have hope! The title of this sermon is “Is There Any Hope?” I pray for Jesus to be magnified in our midst this morning.

Next Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. is our Free Garage Sale. The goal is to bless our community. (Anything beyond that is a bonus!) Give God the whole morning. Spend time with each other, and with people who come. Bring some good items to give away. And stay afterward to help us pick up. More information is found elsewhere in this bulletin. Thanks for being willing to love our community in creative ways.

Next week we begin a series through the book of James entitled “Practical Christianity.” James will show us what it looks like to live out a genuine faith. I’m excited about this series because it’s heavy on application. How do we live the Christian life, even when life is difficult? The book of James has many practical lessons for us

I encourage you to bring people with you to church in these days. Many people are feeling a loss of hope and purpose. You can point them to the Lord. The people who usually “stick” in a church are people who were invited by a friend. Let’s double down on seeking and saving the lost in these trying days.