I’m glad to see you this morning. As we turn Genesis 39 and 40 today, you’ll notice that good things in our life turn out to have some bad things. And the bad things have some good! Through that continual cycle, God’s providence takes us to surprising places. I trust this sermon will help you see how God is working in your life. I also trust God will give you encouragement and hope. We will also observe the Lord’s Supper today.

I want to encourage women of all ages to attend the “Heaven Rules” women’s conference in Indianapolis on Sept. 22-24. There is a flyer in your bulletin today. The website is truewoman22.com. You will find much more information there.

I believe this is a conference God has raised up for this generation of women. Some of the breakout sessions are very timely to the issues women face today. There is also a Teen Track that may be very profitable for your young girl. I think mothers and daughters would be very blessed by this. On top of all of this, Keith and Kristin Getty are leading the music.

I am bringing this to you because it comes from a ministry called “Revive Our Hearts.” That ministry is led by Nancy Leigh Wolgemuth. You might know her by her maiden name, Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I hold her and her books, blogs etc. in very high esteem. She is biblical, practical, and graceful. The speakers I am familiar with at this conference are sound. So I can heartily endorse this.

We are not trying to organize a group. If some of you want to get together and travel and/or room together, we would encourage that. But we also know every schedule is different. If finances are an obstacle, please talk to me. If you have questions about the conference that the website doesn’t answer, you can contact Vickie Ewoldsen at (913) 909-5029 for more information. She has attended this before.

Thanks for being patient with us as we fine-tune the new check-in procedures for the nursery. If you are serving in the nursery, we will have training meetings for you very soon! We will have at least one in-person meeting and video meeting to accommodate your schedule. Thanks for serving!