Today we end the series “From The Cross To The Crown” with a sermon entitled “Believed.” All of the people who were at and near the crucifixion of Jesus, perhaps the most unlikely to believe did come to faith in Jesus. It was a criminal being crucified next to Jesus! The criminal displayed the elements necessary for faith in Jesus in Luke 23. We will learn many valuable lessons from these verses this morning. I’m glad you are with us.

I want to call your attention to several announcements in today’s bulletin. First is the eyeglass clinic on May 6. If you’ve never seen one, I hope you will be here. And if you are going to Mexico and you’ve never seen one, please come to this. It would give you a leg up on the trip to be trained now.

We never know how many will come to a ministry like this. However, I do see our social media post gaining some traction. Help us spread the word with the enclosed flyer in today’s bulletin. I am praying we are pleasantly surprised and are able to bless many.

Also, if you are graduating from any program, please sign up in the foyer so we can recognize you on May 7. Baccalaureate is here that evening. Dr. Bill Weatherford will be preaching.

We will need all hands on deck for VBS on June 16. We especially need people to lead certain areas. If you have questions or will help, contact Children’s Director Jennifer Belcher at

Don’t miss the Joshua Project this summer! You can sign up for it at Church Center. Wednesday, April 26 will be the last Adult Bible Study. We will take a break until the Joshua Project starts right after VBS.

Thanks for being a great church!