I’m glad to see you this morning! We had a glorious celebration of Easter last Sunday! Thank you to those who brought guests. Gospel seeds were planted!

This morning we continue in the series “From The Cross to The Crown.” We’ve seen Jesus:





and Risen

Today we see Him “Doubted.”

In these verses, there is an astonishing statement. Jesus appeared to the disciples and Luke 24:41 says “ . . . they still could not believe it because of their joy and amazement.” How is that possible? Why do we sometimes doubt? I hope to answer some of those questions this morning.

Tonight is our monthly prayer meeting. We break into small groups. It generally takes an hour. More than ever, we need to pray. It has been well said that we will pray now out of desperation, or we will pray later out of devastation.

If you are going on the Vision 3:16 Mission Trip, and you have paid the first half of your deposit to Larry Merry, please let me know. We need to compile a definitive list of who is going. Remember that the first half is due May 1. At this point, it looks like there will be a medical component added to this trip. Larry told me he hasn’t been this excited about a mission trip in a long time! So please pray with us about this trip! And if you would like to give to offset the cost of those going, use the “Vision 3:16” drop-down on our website, or put “Vision 3:16” on the memo line of your check.

I’m preaching at the Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association’s Annual Meeting on April 27. I would appreciate your prayers. I also had the privilege of being the citizen representative on a Tonganoxie Police promotional panel recently. It included a highway patrolman, a KCK officer, and a Lawrence officer. That’s the fourth time I’ve been involved in either a hiring/promotion situation with the city. It’s a blessing to be asked and to hopefully represent Jesus in these situations.