Pastor Nathan will open the Word of God for us this morning. Since he is preaching, Jack Belcher is leading our music. I’m grateful to have two young men leading us in worship this morning!

I want to encourage you to be part of an Adult Bible Fellowship class. We have found over the years that an excellent path of discipleship is being part of a class. Over the years, I’ve seen the transformative power of being in a class. When you become a regular attender of a class, you open the door to a multitude of blessings:

  1. You will form meaningful connection with other believers, going beyond a simple “hello” on Sunday morning.
  2. You also learn God’s Word better. Every opportunity to study God’s Word is another step up the ladder of becoming more like Christ.
  3. You develop lasting friendships. Those friendships transcend the four walls of the church.
  4. Those relationships provide you with encouragement and support.
  5. People in the church become more like family that cares for one another.
  6. You are empowered and encouraged in your Christian walk.
  7. You are better equipped to face life’s challenges.
  8. You have opportunities to do ministry alongside others, using your unique gifts.

Jesus designed us to need each other to grow and thrive as a Christian. We have a little bit more than 50% of our church attendance in an Adult Bible Fellowship class. My heart’s desire is to see that become 75%. If you have any questions or would like guidance in finding the right class for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Nathan, or Kirk. The list of classes, teachers, and subjects are in the bulletin every week. It’s our desire for you to be discipled. And we are blessed with exceptional, dedicated teachers who are eager to pour into your life.

Preparations for the Job Fair are continuing. Please look at the rest of the information in this bulletin and consider volunteering that day. By participating, you will show the love of Jesus to our region in a tangible way. You will be making a positive impact on the lives of those around us. We want our area to be better because we love Jesus!