Today is the last sermon in the series “Four Pillars of Positive Change.” This sermon is entitled “A Culture of Prayer.” We see in Acts that God did extraordinary things when the church gathered to pray.

On behalf of the rest of the staff, I hope that you are willing to make the necessary changes to build these “pillars” into your life as habits.

  1. Regular attendance and participation in church: The Main Pillar of Positive Change
  2. Inviting people to come with you on Wednesdays and Sundays: A Culture of Invitation.
  3. Reaching out to people who have fallen away: A Culture of Restoration
  4. Praying individually but also with your church family: A Culture of Prayer

We also presented these four goals for 2023. They are modest and achievable:

  1. A 10% increase or more in Sunday morning attendance
  2. A 10% increase or more in Adult Bible Fellowship classes and Children’s Sunday School.
  3. One baptism a month, i.e. 12 for the year (or more)
  4. One new Adult Bible Fellowship class

We will keep you updated throughout the year on the progress of these goals. We want to move forward with you, with relaxed excellence, to grow our church and glorify our Lord!

The AWANA Verse-A-Thon on Wednesday was so much fun. I greatly enjoyed being a listener. It was great to hear the kids recite verses. They were so enthusiastic. We won’t know the totals for a few weeks. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what God is doing through our AWANA ministry.

We want to have a Vacation Bible School this summer. We will hear from our Children’s Director Jennifer Belcher about this today. Pray about serving in it this summer!