Welcome to West Haven as we start a new series entitled “From The Cross To The Crown.” We will touch on some of the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and the fact that He is ruling and reigning today!

We want to keep before you the “Four Pillars of Positive Change” that we introduced the last month.

  1. Regular attendance and participation in church: The Main Pillar of Positive Change
  2. Inviting people to come with you on Wednesdays and Sundays: A Culture of Invitation.
  3. Reaching out to people who have fallen away: A Culture of Restoration
  4. Praying individually but also with your church family: A Culture of Prayer

We want to help you with Pillar Two, inviting people to church. In collaboration with Grounded Coffee here in Tonganoxie, we have coupons for free coffee available in the foyer. We want you to give one to a person you invite as a gesture of kindness. Or use it to invite that person to have a coffee with you to discuss Jesus, or give an invitation to church. (Please restrict their use to those two things.) It’s not only easier to invite someone when you have something to give, but it’s also another way for us to be open-handed and generous to our community. We hope this will be a helpful tool for you to bring people with you!

The “Vision 3:16” trip to Mexico this summer should be excellent. If you want to offset the cost of those desiring to go, you can give to our “Vision 3:16” fund. Just write “Vision 3:16” on the memo line of your check. If you want to give to someone directly, each person going is to start a “Give, Send, Go” account. If you want to give to someone anonymously talk to me. I can help you get it into their “Give, Send, Go” account.

It’s exciting to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission of reaching people locally, in our own country, and across our borders. Thanks for your faithfulness to Jesus!

Coming up soon at West Haven will be an Eyeglass Clinic, hopefully, VBS, and the Joshua Project this summer. I encourage you to go to https://www.genesisacademy.net/ to learn more about the Joshua Project!