It’s been a summer of blessings from the Lord! Today we continue in the series “Caring For Your Soul.” The title of today’s sermon is “The ‘Despairity’ Gospel.” I saw that phrase in a blog. It’s a perfect title for the text we will read today. What happens when you can’t “find” God? When you can’t “feel” Him? When the Bible looks like a slab of granite? And when prayer feels like you are talking to yourself? We will open our copies of God’s Word to look at that subject this morning. We will also look at what God is doing during these times.

We are praying in earnest for our Vision 3:16 Mission Trip on Aug. 8-15. The team will give the gospel to everyone. Many have never heard the gospel. They will also give them eyeglasses. Also, Dr. Bill Weatherford, Karlye Weatherford, and Anne Hannah will team up with a Mexican doctor to provide basic health care to people who come.

Another blessing comes from Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Through Dr. Weatherford’s office, they learned about the trip. They donated $2,000 for us to buy drugs and medical supplies for the trip. That’s amazing because we didn’t ask! They contacted Dr. Weatherford. We are grateful for their support!

Another blessing is Pastor Nathan. Monday is his third anniversary as a pastor here. Many of you see the work that he does. What you don’t see is what he does behind the scenes. He is quite gifted administratively and has advanced us in areas where we desperately needed updating. When you have a chance, encourage him and his wife Jenny!

As I write this (Thursday morning) Pastor Kirk is probably not here today. His mother had intestinal bleeding early Wednesday. She lives in Texas, so Kirk is there with her. Pray for him, his mother, and his entire family.

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Immediately after church is our semi-annual Members’ Meeting in the Train Station.

God bless you today!