The last five psalms (Psalm 146 to Psalm 150) are the “Final Hallel” psalms, otherwise called the Hallelujah Psalms. Paraphrasing James Montgomery Boice, in Psalm 146, we see an individual praising God for his grace, and his power, and his faithfulness.  In the next Psalm, Psalm 147, Jerusalem is urged to praise God.  In Psalm 148, all creatures in heaven and earth are called to praise God as creator and redeemer.  In Psalm 149, God’s children, the Saints, are called to praise God, for they have been saved from their enemies. And in Psalm 150 every creature that has breath is exhorted to praise God everywhere and with every means available.

We have recently began singing a new song at West Haven: Praise The Lord Ye Heavens. While it is primarily based on Psalm 148, it certainly shares similarities with the other four Hallelujah Psalms. The psalmist, along with this new song (further based on a hymn from the late 1700s), exhorts that the praise of God should be expressed by the heavens, by the earth, and by all people on the earth! The Angels are exhorted to praise Him (Psalm 148:2). The sun, moon, and starry hosts are to praise Him (Psalm 148:3). All creation and all creatures, from the depths of the sea to the birds in the sky, from the valleys of land to the peaks of the mountaintops, are to praise Him (Psalm 148:7-10). Kings, princes, rulers, young and old; all peoples are to praise the Lord!

Why? For God is the creator (Psalm 148:5). And his name alone should be exalted. As St. Anselm (dec. 1109) argued, God is the one in whom none greater can be conceived. “His majesty is above earth and heaven!” (Psalm 148:13). He is creator, but He is also the redeemer! The Lord has established his people and the Lord shall keep his people (Psalm 148:14)!

For these reasons and more, praise the Lord!

As we learn this song together, listen to it at home and sing it with your families. Wonder at the glorious nature and power of our God. And praise Him as the only one worthy of your praise!

Verse 1
Praise the Lord Ye heavens adore Him
Praise Him angels in the height
Sun and moon rejoice before Him
Praise Him all ye stars of light

Verse 2
Praise the Lord for He hath spoken
Worlds His mighty voice obeyed
Laws which never shall be broken
For their guidance He hath made

All creation join the song of praise
Let every tongue declare His mighty ways
And we will sing of Your goodness and mercy
All of our days

Verse 3
Praise the Lord for He is glorious
Never shall His promise fail
God hath made His saints victorious
Sin and death shall not prevail

Glory, Glory
All glory to You Lord

Verse 4
Praise the God of our salvation
Hosts on high His power proclaim
Heaven and earth and all creation
Laud and magnify His Name

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