In Psalm 139, David begins reflecting on the greatness of God; and all that makes God GREAT! David’s intimacy with God is displayed as he reflects and celebrates God’s omniscience (perfectly complete knowledge) and God’s omnipresence (everywhere simultaneously present). David reflects that every step he takes is known fully by the Lord (vs 1-3). He considers that every word, even before it is on his tongue, is known fully by the Lord (vs 4). And he finds peace knowing that every aspect of his life is known and designed by God, who numbered and planned all of his days before a single one of them began (vs 16). David is astonished by the love of this God towards His children. I am too! What peace to know that God knows all our ways, that he is with us, that he loves us, and that he will keep us.

At West Haven, we have been singing a song that reflects on these great truths and attributes of God. The song is called “All My Ways Are Known To You”, and it is written by CityAlight (a group out of Australia). As we reflect that God is always with us, I pray we find great comfort and joy in Him.

There is also secondary meaning to the truth that “all my ways are known to you.” To that end, I’ll quote Tim Challies:

God knows everything I am, everything I have ever been, everything I do, everything I have ever done. He knows who I am at heart, who I am in my darkest moments, who I sometimes wish to be and what I sometimes long to do. He knows how even my best deeds have been done with imperfection and from tarnished motives. He knows all there is to know about me, things I don’t even know about myself. I am an open book before him, laid bare before his penetrating gaze. And still he loves me.

God has always and perfectly known everything about me! And yet, in Christ, he has nonetheless loved His children before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:3-4). And so Christian, take hope. We have nothing to fear!

Verse 1
In days of peace and days of rest
In times of loss and loneliness
Though rich or poor Your word is true
That all my ways are known to You

Verse 2
No trial has come beyond Your hand
No step I walk beyond Your plan
The path is dark outside my view
Still all my ways are known to You

And O what peace that I have found
Wherever I may be
For all my ways are known to You
Hallelujah they are known to You

Verse 3
I do not fear the final night
For death will be the door to life
You take my hand and lead me through
For all my ways are known to You

Open up my eyes so I may see
That You have made these ways for me
Open up my eyes so I may see
That You my God will walk with me

© 2016 CityAlight Music, Farren Love And War Publishing, Integrity’s Alleluia! Music, Integrity’s Praise! Music | CCLI Song # 7073327 | CCLI License # 1605257