Hey there, AWANA parents! I’d like to share with you how we, at West Haven Baptist Church, are planning to hold in-person AWANA Club starting Wednesday, September 9th.

Safety and sharing the Gospel. That’s our focus this fall.

In-person AWANA will be held as long as in-person school is in operation in Tonganoxie. AWANA Leaders and Clubbers five years old and older will be REQUIRED to wear a mask. Temperatures will be taken at the door and clubbers will use hand sanitizer. Temperatures at or above 100֯F will not be able to stay for Club.

Our AWANA night will begin at 6:15. Parents will drop clubbers off (or walk them to the door) at the North Entrance (church entrance) and REGISTER there if this is the clubber’s first night (even if they attended our AWANA Club last year). Supplies can also be ordered and paid for at this time. Our leaders will be happy to get everything for your clubber!

Puggles – parents will be able to walk their clubber downstairs to the check-in desk, where a Puggles Leader will then take the clubber to their classroom. Puggles Parents MUST stay on site (attending Bible Study or working in the ministry).

Cubbies, Sparks, T&T – leaders will walk these clubbers to their respective classrooms.  Parents will not take their clubbers to the club room.

Puggles, Cubbies, and Sparks will have numerous opportunities throughout the Club night to wash their hands as they have sinks available in their classrooms.

T&T Clubbers will use hand sanitizer throughout the evening.

ALL Clubbers will recite the opening pledges in their classrooms.

Handbook time will be held in their classroom. Each clubber will have their own supplies in a pencil box (crayons, glue sticks, etc) so there is no community property shared.

Large Group Time for T&T Clubs will be pre-recorded and available to watch at the time the Director wants.

Game Time will be held in the Fellowship Hall in small groups, with individual classes (no more than 2) participating on opposite game lines.


7:30-8:00pm Puggles will be picked up by parents at the check-in desk downstairs. Parents attending Bible Study have the option of picking up their Puggle at the end of Bible Study, rather than waiting until 8:00.

7:45pm Cubbies will be escorted upstairs by their Leaders and be dismissed at the South Entrance (the School Board Entrance).

7:45pm Sparks will be escorted upstairs by their Leaders and be dismissed at the North Entrance (the church door).

8:00pm T&T Boys will be escorted upstairs by their Leaders and be dismissed at the North Entrance (the church doors).

8:00pm T&T Girls will be dismissed at the North Door at the North end of the building (where the wooden steps are).

Clubbers whose parent(s) works in any Wednesday night ministry will remain in their respective classroom until parent picks them up.

At NO TIME will any clubbers be allowed into the Train Station, where the Youth meet.